Starfall Industries

Canadian Street Wear Brand, made with love in California, USA.


  • Establish brand logo
  • Establish a “Capsule Collection” line up
  • Make logo print ready for apparel
  • Make logo embroidery ready for apparel
  • Create apparel concepts
  • Build website
  • Set up interchangeable homepages
  • Set up online store with shipping
  • Set up cart system
  • Setup for USD and CDN Currencies
  • Make easy for adding new products
  • Integrate social media account links

About Starfall Industries

Founded in 2017, Starfall Industries is a Canadian based and clothing brand, featuring fresh and never seen before graphics. We put value in creating such fresh, new and excitingly designed apparel. We strive to bring top quality clothing to those looking for something unique. Something to call their own.

Bryan Desrosiers is the Marketing Director at Split An Atom. Bryan has designed graphics since he was a child, and has designed professionally since his teens. His years of experience have brought a mature, and refined style to his work, whilst remaining uncompromising in his commitment to quality.

Providing help and encouragement, Hammy Havoc, CEO of Split An Atom, brings his experience with streetwear clothing brands and technology to the table. Hammy and Bryan are step-cousins, beginning a very close friendship from the start over a decade ago, working together on a diverse range of projects for numerous clients.